The RecyclaDilly Scheme

As part of our commitment to the environment and making open-ended play accessible to everyone, Dilly Blue now allows customers to recycle their old Dillys by sending them to us in exchange for Dilly Blue credit for use against future orders through The RecyclaDilly Scheme.

The RecyclaDilly Scheme is a chance for Dillys to start fresh adventures and find new homes. All recycled Dillys will be repaired, resealed and donated via our charitable connections to lower-income families, extending the life of sustainable wooden toys and bringing more play to the world. 

What could be better than that?

The RecyclaDilly Scheme Dilly Blue

The RecyclaDilly Scheme: Grading the Condition of Dillys

The grading scheme we use to determine the condition of the dolls is:

  • Excellent, as new
  • Gently Loved, no obvious damage (paint is intact, light play signs)
  • Very Loved, some obvious damage (slight paint missing, heavier play signs)
  • Goodness me, what happened here? (heavy damage and/or missing Dillys, significant damage to paint and/or significant marks)

The RecyclaDilly Scheme: Terms & Conditions

  • Your Dillys must have been bought from
  • You must use your original order email address when applying for the scheme to enable us to confirm the original purchase
  • You are responsible for the postage costs of sending your Dillys to Dilly Blue
  • We are unable to buy back Dillys that were purchased less than six weeks prior to the date of your recycle request
  • We are unable to buy back more than four sets/individual dolls per calendar year per customer
  • We will pay up to 60% of your original sale price for excellent condition dolls.
  • We will confirm receipt of the dolls upon the day we receive them. We will appraise them within 48 hours and make you a voucher code offer via email
  • You will receive the agreed voucher code price within 24 hours of acceptance of the voucher offer
  • Payment is made in the form of a voucher code for use on for a new order and will be valid for 12 months
  • Voucher codes cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Voucher codes cannot be stacked aka used in conjunction with other offers
  • Products bought using voucher codes and are subsequently returned will be refunded in voucher codes
  • When redeeming your voucher code, the basket total must be equal to or more than the voucher code amount as we are unable to issue credit against unused voucher balances
  • If you decline the voucher offer and wish for your Dillys to be returned, you are responsible for the cost of return postage
  • The voucher is non-transferable and can only be used by the email address associated with the original order
  • Stated voucher is an estimate only and will be confirmed upon receipt of Dillys and confirmation of condition
  • The Dillys must be in a saleable and/or repairable condition
  • Condition is based on Dilly Blue appraisal versus customer view
  • We are unable to buy back any custom or personalised Dillys (e.g. names)
  • We reserve all rights to refuse to buy back for any reason
  • We reserve the right to amend and/or change terms as required by the needs of Dilly Blue Ltd

Recycle your Dillys

All good? Happy to get started? Then click here to fill out The RecyclaDilly Scheme form!