Who are the people behind Dilly Blue?

I’m Zoe, I design, paint and finish all the dolls alongside home-educating my tribe. I was a nurse in a past life, but now I’m mostly relegated to chief boo-boo fixer.

The beardy one is my husband Alex, he’s the tech guy, tea bringer and occasional therapist alongside his real job in marketing.

Cole, the ‘too-cool-for-this’ teenager is my post guy, he drops all of your Dillys at the post office to earn money to fund his dreams of becoming a musician,

Amari, our eldest daughter, is my chief design critic - ‘mum, no. Just.. no’ She also loves painting her own dolls and doesn’t understand why I don’t sell hers, as they’re totally better than mine. 😏

Rafferty, my sweet little guy, is one of my main test crew. Rafe is autistic and he helps me to see the dolls in different lights with the way he utilises and plays with them.

And our littlest terror, our rainbow baby, Serenity. She’s the other part of our main test crew, and if they survive her, they’ll survive anything. 😂

We live in a little village in Wales, alongside our sloth-like bulldog, Pixie and our two cats, Ming and Chaos.

When I started painting these little dolls, I never, not even for a second, expected to be where we are now, but I’m incredibly grateful and consider myself very lucky.

Thank you for supporting our small business. 


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Junior Design Awards 2021 Best Eco Toy Design Gold Award