Myths and Legends


Oh, time for myths and legends of yore, a story best told in song form!

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Robin and Marian had something to say.
They made a pact, a promise so grand,
In a forest so deep, in a mythical land.

If George slayed the Dragon, and could prove clear,
That Medusa and Icarus shared a father dear,
And Cerberus too, with his bark so dire,
Had the same dad, a tale to inspire.

If Persephone’s story wasn’t all gloom,
And Hades with her didn’t spell doom,
And a pomegranate brought freedom, a sign,
For the child of Olympus, in a world so divine.

Then Pandora, with her infamous box,
Was not the one who unleashed the shocks.
She, of them all, was least to blame,
In the myths and legends of ancient fame.

Written and composed by a Dilly supergroup. Mostly Corlun. Some Diferion. No Dillys were harmed in the writing of this ode.

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Sizes Robin Hood/Marian/Pandora/George/Medusa/Hades/Persephone 7cm | Dragon 13cm | Icarus 10cm | Pandora’s Box 6cm | Cerberus 10cm
Made from responsibly-sourced beech.
Recommended from 12+ months. 
Each Dilly is hand-painted and may exhibit its own unique characteristics that vary slightly from the photograph.