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If you dig deep enough, you unearth long-lost treasures. Buried beneath layers of sand, sediment and the origins of Mr Dilly’s oldest and dearest dad jokes lay the remains of the Dillysaurs.

Having learned nothing from Richard Hammond’s antics on Isla Nublar, we put the finest Dilly minds to work and engineered a way to bring these mythical beasts back to life. 

Our chief scientist thought she knew the way. “We don’t need to find dinosaur blood within mosquitoes that had been fossilised in amber and sequence it with frog DNA to fill in the gaps in their genetic code. They just need love!”. 

We nodded in admiration. Clever girl.

After days of love and care, there was still nothing. We held on to our butts. We bought in a couple of jars of tadpoles and some fossilised amber* we found on eBay just in case. 

But lo, with a third viewing of Frizin’ 2** and several (more) tubs of Bin & Jurry’s**, they finally came to life! 

As a great philosoraptor once wrote, “Cometh the hour, when hopeth lost for sure, along shall a Dilly come, and we’ll all walk the Dillysaur”.

*turned out to be about 20 years old and full of ants, not mosquitos. We left suitably critical feedback.

**they’re unlikely to sue but we're not about to risk it.

🖤 🌈

  • Size 6.5cm.
  • Made from FSC beech.
  • Suitable from birth. Recommended from 6+ months.
  • Each Dilly is hand-painted and may exhibit its own unique characteristics that vary slightly from the photograph.