Twin Fae


Hol’ up, it’s double trouble in the land of the Fae!

Imagine, if thy dare, not one but two Fae*; an’ the incongruity they cast all o’ the day;
Berry Babies so sweet and Poison Babies sooo sour,
One brimming with goodness, the other a-glower,
One of pure heart and one of misdeeds
One who makes a great jam and t’other who tastes. Like. Weeds.

  • Berry Babies aka Eversweet and Razzy
  • Poison Babies aka Belladonna and Mandrake

🖤 🌈

  • Size 7cm (Blossom 6.5cm)
  • Made from Responsibly sourced beech.
  • Suitable from birth. Recommended from 6+ months.
  • Each Dilly is hand-painted and may exhibit its own unique characteristics that vary slightly from the photograph.

*Fun fact from behind the scenes in Dillyshire: Mr Dilly thinks ‘Two Fae’ sounds close enough to ‘Two Chainz’ and insists on shouting this obnoxiously whenever he sees the Twin Fae