Trio of Piggies


Three pigs. Three bundles of building materials (Straw, Twigs, Bricks) . One wolf.

Like the crossover of “Come Dine With Me” and “Blind Date” that nobody asked for, Wolfie uses his braggadocious charm to convince one of the three pigs to let him in for dinner.

His asthma’s playing him up so he’s had to resort to the lost art of conversation rather than forcibly enter their homes. And in 2023 it’s high time we nipped that narrative in the bud, innit?

“So, contestant number one, what’s your name and where d'ya come from?”

🖤 🌈
Size 7cm (dolls) 6.5 cm (bundles of building materials) 
Made from responsibly sourced beech wood 
Suitable from birth. Recommended from 12+ months.
Each Dilly is hand-painted and may exhibit its own unique characteristics that vary slightly from the photograph.