Magic Madarch Sets


The fungus among us aren’t cordyceps (I mean, yay, right?) but the raddest, baddest, maddest Madarch to emerge from the green pastures of Dillyshire.

Happy noises abound and tittering ahoy, they spilled out and flummoxed the residents of Dilly Cove before settling into Dilly City.

We found three of them (plus one extra for the collectors amongst you: jeah, we got you) and honestly, we’re afraid to look for more.

We have:

Fly-Guys, a set of three featuring Funguy, Bungi and Shyguy

Naked-Guys, a set of two featuring Mega Corlun and Bungi

Rainbow-Guys, a set of five featuring Corlun and four Fungi friends

🖤 🌈
Sizes Fly Guys
Funguy 8cm | Bungi 4.5cm | Shyguy 7cm
Sizes Naked Guys
Mega Corlun 10cm | Bungi 4.5cm
Rainbow Guys
Mega Corlun 10cm | Fungi Friends 7cm, 10.5cm, 9.5cm, 8.5cm, 6.2cm
Made from responsibly-sourced wood
Recommended from 12+ months.
Due to the nature of the naked wood, knots and markings will vary from piece to piece and may differ from shown images.