Seasonal Trees (Pre-Order)

Please note:
All of our standard line Dillys are made to order and will be dispatched in 3-4 weeks.

Well, what do we have here? Fifty percent jigsaw, fifty percent scenery, one hundred percent good times is what (the Diferion assure us) we have here with Seasonal Trees, part of our new Scenery range.

Did you know that trees have only been around for circa ten percent of earth's entire history?

Or that some species of tree have no growth ceiling and could just keep growing?

Or that the Diferion are descended from trees with roots so deep they reach to the Earth’s core and therefore cannot be removed or eradicated by conventional methods.

One of the above facts may not be true. 

...moving rapidly on to less contentious business, Seasonal Trees are sold as a set: the Dilly Seasons doll is for size reference only and is not included as part of the set. But you can get ‘em here

🖤 🌈


 Trunk                         Completed size

Spring: 7cm               10cm

Summer 11cm.           14.5cm

Autumn 9cm.              13cm

Winter 7cm.                 12cm


Made from solid beech.

Recommended from 12+ months.