Totally Meteorological


We wanted to make a weather set that looks as good on the shelf as decor as it does as a toy for a little person, and so Totally Meteorological was born!

Available in Corlun and Diferion flavours, these come in sets of seven.

Like dwarves.

Or nation armies.

Or the magnificent.

“...have you got any other wordplay we can do with collections of seven? No? Yeah, no I can’t hear you as the cat’s having a hairball. Yeah? Yeah I’ll clean it up when I’ve written this. So nothing else, no? What about lucky number slevin? Yeah it’s a bit of a stretch, innit. I’ll wrap it up here.
Ye gods this hairball is enormous…”

🖤 🌈
Sizes Corlun 7cm | Diferion 9cm
Made from responsibly-sourced beech.
Recommended from 6+ months for Corlun, 12+ months for Diferion.
Each Dilly is hand-painted and may exhibit its own unique characteristics that vary slightly from the photograph