Sea Villains


Like a nefarious Sharky and George these two are the crime busters of the sea but are more likely to perpetrate crimes and frame an innocent school of fish than solve honest cases.

They could easily fit up a conger eel; nobody looks at those and thinks “that’s an innocent-looking fish incapable of transgressions”.

Whilst a Sea Witch and a Kraken give outstanding performances as upstanding burghers of the ocean.

Unlike a conger eel. Perhaps they'd seem more earnest if they were a ‘conga eel’.

‘Party eel’ would be cool. Maybe they need a rebrand?

🖤 🌈

  • Sizes: Sea Hags are 7cm. Krakens are 7.5cm
  • Made from responsibly-sourced beech
  • Suitable from birth
  • Each Dilly is hand-painted and may exhibit its own unique characteristics that vary slightly from the photograph